Ask Gonzalo is a band formed in Berlin, in the year 2022. Story says that the YY Band was on tour around Europe. Being on the road, all band members had constant, specific questions like, Where do we sleep? What do we eat? Where do we play? The band leader simply could not answer everyone's question and naturally expressed, “Ask Gonzalo!” Gonzalo was the booker who organized the tour. At that moment, it generated a funny, playful environment, so that stayed a joke for the rest of the tour.
After YY Band disolved, the former members merged with Transitelektro to form Ask Gonzalo.
Playing a combination of Jazz, Funk and rock, they played in recognized gigs in Berlin and recorded an album in very short term. This resulted in fast growth and a promising future. 

1. Goals & Objectives

- The audience needs a way to feel identified with a band.
- Out stand among other bands, specially in social media. 
- Define an outline that can be sustainable during time.
- Create elements that can apply to merchandising and create visual impact.  
2. Ideation

- Development ISO+LOGO to use separate elements.
- The Logo is Inspired on the 1968 Camaros grill.
- The ISO is inspired on the 1936 Fiat Balilla. 
- Strong contrast colour pallet. 
- Straight Lines

3. Implementation 

- Social Media campaigns.
- Vinyl covers
- Merchandising such as Stickers, T-shirts and Posters.
- Special campaigns
Album Covers
Special Campaign - Animalia
The band members are represented with an animal they feel identified with. This will be a key factor for future brand line, as it could be applied in several ways.  So far it is used for Hand bags and T-shirts.

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