“Life driven by passions”
Since very young age I had a particular interest for products. How do they work, look, feel, etc. Always taking apart and putting back together piece by piece of my toys, and some household artefacts.
After school, I decided to study Industrial Design, and before getting the bachelors degree, we got together with a well known friend and grew together a Start-up called KOOX. The core was to develop products, specially Backpacks, with recycled materials coming from surf tournaments. My role was to design and develop the products from scratch, as well as organising and managing the production. There were a lot of enriching experiences during that time, like working together with different experienced people, working with clients and as very important, getting to know about entrepreneurship.
In 2018, I decided to follow my ambition and move from my home town, Mar del Plata, to Berlin. Once based in the city, I learnt the language (that's what I believe), and decided to take my career to a new level as a Digital Product Designer (UX design).

I always got driven by passion, that's what really describes me. One of my life engines is Music and to be specific, drums. Somehow I did not choose to play them but simply always did, constructing my own kits with cans and buckets at my very early stages of life. Through time, I found my way to become a professional drummer, and actually without really planning for it, just evolving with every project I was taking part with. 
Today I play Jazz and Funk in a band called Ask Gonzalo in Berlin, recording our first Vinyl last 2023 at Humboldt University, Berlin.   
Brand development is something that always caught my attention, it really got interesting when I took part on a one-year course about Brand Development with Maximiliano Fulquet. There I learnt how to go from the basic communication strategy, to the logo sketches, then illustrating with vectors and finally developing the Brand Visual Manual. 
Illustration is something that is already incorporated in my DNA thanks to my beloved mother, who I greatly admire and always have as source of inspiration. 

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