BOB is a potential tool for drummer to develop themselves with discipline. 
The idea was born as a result of the experience as a drummer and teacher. From the drummer side, wanting to evolve but sometimes don't having access to more professional drummers to ask them what to practice for developing a specific technique. From the teacher side, I could realize how my students have different learning approaches, for example, some of them are ear learners and other readers. This kept me thinking, every individual case is so unique, that as a teacher I need to adapt in order to embrace their capabilities. 
Understanding the Problem
For interactive learning through an App, there is too less personalization.
Every case is different and unique, which means some of these online trainings are standardized for having one specific learning product in forms of downloadable notes files and videos.
Having personal consultancy is present in the very few cases, and mentorship is not even a choice online. . 
Drummers are not exploring their strong points that could make them out stand.
Problem Statement:
Potential users, need a way to experience individual and personalized training. Because this will make them embrace their strongest skills and make out stand their own voice/style.
1. Help users become a better version of themselves. 
2. Educate through discipline 
3. Motivate and Inspire 
4. Discover personal most valuable assets
Competitors Analysis 
Direct competitors
Features comparative matrix
Blue - Red Ocean

Blue Ocean strategy: 
BOB plan to reduce pricing, it will increase the personalized feedback, create new features to improve training and eliminate unnecessary content.  
Opportunity: BOB drum trainer app can differentiate itself by leveraging advanced AI technologies to provide more sophisticated, personalized, and accurate real-time feedback. This can include:
Machine Learning Algorithms: To analyse user performance and adapt lessons based on individual progress and areas of improvement.
AI-Driven Feedback: Providing detailed insights into timing, rhythm, technique, and suggesting specific exercises for improvement. 
Personalized Learning Paths: Using AI to create customized lesson plans that adapt to the user’s learning pace and goals. 
Voice and Gesture Recognition: Integrating advanced recognition technologies to enhance interactivity and engagement. 
Motivational Planer + Reminders:  Planing your trainings a week in advance and adding them to calendar with alerts + reminders.
User Stories 
User Story 1: Beginner Drummer
Beginner Drummer Seeking to Have Fun and Learn
As a beginner drummer I want to follow a fun and interactive learning path that keeps me engaged, so that I can enjoy playing drums and see consistent improvement over time
Acceptance Criteria:
- Fun Lessons: The app provides engaging and entertaining lessons starting from the basics, including lessons on rudiments, basic beats, and simple songs.
- Interactive Learning: Lessons are interactive and gamified to keep me motivated and make learning enjoyable. 
- Real-Time Feedback: The app gives real-time feedback on my timing, accuracy, and encouraging technique.
- Progress Tracking: I can track my progress over time with visual metrics and achievements that celebrate milestones.

User Story 2: Intermediate Drummer
Intermediate Drummer Aiming to Improve Technique
As an intermediate drummer, I want to receive detailed feedback on my technique and personalized practice recommendations, so that I can refine my skills and address specific areas of weakness
Acceptance Criteria:
Advanced Feedback:  Real-time analyse providing detailed feedback on technique, such as stick control, dynamics, and limb coordination.
Personalized Exercises: Based on my performance, the app suggests specific exercises and drills to address my weaknesses and enhances my strengths. 
Video Tutorials: Access to video tutorials demonstrating advanced techniques and concepts.
Goal Setting: Ability to set personal goals and receive tailored practice plans to achieve them.
User Story 5: Aspiring Professional Drummer
Aspiring Professional Drummer Seeking Advanced Training
As an aspiring professional drummer, I want to receive advanced training and detailed performance analysis, so that I can hone my skills to a professional level and prepare for auditions, gigs, and recording sessions.
Acceptance Criteria:
Performance Analysis: In-depth analysis of my performances with detailed feedback on timing, dynamics, groove, and overall musicality.
Practice Routines: Customized practice routines designed to target specific areas of improvement.
Recording Features: Tools for recording my practice sessions and performances to review and critique my progress.
Audition Preparation: Specific exercises and tips for preparing for auditions, including mock audition scenarios and feedback on my readiness.
User Personas 
User Journey
User Flow
so far until here, but stay tuned! 

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